>>> “Edward Nixon, EN Consulting”  01/12/2010 4:02 pm >>>

Mayor Ford:

I had the pleasure of talking with you briefly at City Hall last week. Please accept my congratulations on your first day in office.

I think we all want subways. A downtown relief line has been suggested by Metrolinx as you know. I think that extending the Bloor – Danforth line further into Scarborough to replace the RT, and further into Etobicoke is something we could all support.

But it seems to me that subways need riders or we will just run up a huge amount of debt. We all hope you are successful in saving the city money. If it were me I’d be worried that by cancelling contracts we’d have to pay $100s of millions and get nothing.

I respect that you campaigned on subways. I am glad you did because Toronto is going to need them. But Mayor Ford I would ask you to reconsider, in respect to the lines that the Province has already agreed to fund and set aside money for. After all the Eglinton line has a big section that runs underground.

Again, subways are very expensive to build. I worry that unless there is real evidence that they will have enough ridership, they will lose money and create debt. If you can be satisfied they won’t interfere with car traffic, would you reconsider LRTs, like the Sheppard line, above ground, as long as they are separated from car traffic?

I may not be seeing this correctly and I’d would like to know more about your plans.

Again, please accept my best wishes to you on your first day in office.

Best wishes.

Edward Nixon

EN Consulting
@ Centre for Social Innovation
215 Spadina Avenue, Suite 434
Toronto ON M5T 2C7

From: Mayor Ford <Mayor_Ford@toronto.ca>
Date: Fri, Dec 3, 2010 at 5:14 PM
Subject: Re: Please accept my congratulations on your first day in office.
To: EN Consulting Edward Nixon <edward@enconsulting.ca>

Thank you for taking the time to express your concerns regarding the future plans for Transit City. The Mayor’s plan is to centralize investment in underground rapid transit. The Toronto Transit Commission will respond with options and a more cohesive plan by the end of January.

We would like to assure you that the taxpayers will continue to come first. Our team is confident that the revised plan will provide a cleaner, safer and more reliable transit system for the citizens of Toronto.

More information will be available following the late-January proposals.

Office of the Mayor