Cahiers du Cinéma

Cahiers du Cinéma


once and then once more the epic quality spills

Cotes du Rhone blood-tannin

from the cupped energy field

that holds light’s frame & tone

Un Homme et Une Femme

the here of it wrong

the near of it an alarm

or the ‘she’ always asking

and her glance backward

Jack Nicholson lost somewhere in Spain

running from every touch

The Passenger

floating thru a black river

settling for the grift of fiction

the projector in flames

eyes lapping the screen

the auteur dissolving into social conditions

Je Vous Salue, Marie

a hero returning under a strict rule

longing for story

for dust motes on the lens

the singe of a dark star

Les Enfants du Paradis


Published in Rampike Vol 19#2 (Cultural Mischief Issue)