Film Theory or I Miss the Way You Kiss

Film Theory or I Miss the Way You Kiss

 The magical power that is attributed to taboo

is based on the capacity for arousing temptation …

– Sigmund Freud


We killed a lot of gutter,

took hectares of blank space,

chopped up the I and you.

There wasn’t much between X and Y,

just a lucky line that waggled through

crisp points on a reasoned grid.


Like poison’s cure,

a ready-made story arc –

as if garlands of rose petals

redecorated the script

devolving from a set of probable causes

to a lazy desire for order,


razor ribbon fencing a glade

where lutes play, the prince reclines,

IEDs pop, blood-splatter browns

the long grass.


She says: “The days tasted of almonds.”

He says: “Like smoked trout on a salted cracker.”


Jump-cut to credits writ in jerky white:

the gun             ma blonde

the car              mon chum


Published in Rampike Vol. 21/No.2 (Poetics: Part Two)